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The Light cannot be put out All Night Come Now Psalm 103 vv 13-14 Blood Angels of Wrath The Promise.  Romans 4vv18-19 Luke 9v44 John 3v12 Eliab Lord, open my mouth Let The Righteous right hand Oaks of Righteousness There is a way In That Place Acts 2 Psalm 104 verse 4 Jonah Faith Comes By Hearing Protected By An Angel The Word sent forth Holding Up Holy Hands Tambourine and Dance New Life Psalm 98 verse 5 Delight 2 Corinthians 4 verse 18 In My Father's House The Word became flesh Isaiah 44 verse 22 Joy in Autumn Cain kills Abel Obedience Angel 4 Heavenly Hosts Revelation 12 verses 7 - 8 Victory in Jesus Angels He Stayed Angels Everywhere Wonderfully and Fearfully Made The Fruit of God the Holy Spirit Deuteronomy 29 verse 29 Meditate on the Word The Lines Have Fallen For Me The Rescue of Lot Revelation 8 verses 3 - 4 Psam 23 verse 3