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Judas Iscariot.  

Matthew 26 verses 14-16 and Exodus 21 verse 32

Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 Disciples of Jesus betrayed Him as we see in the above Scripture.  Judas is a person who spent time with Jesus, but the Bible tells us that he was a thief.  We see that he could not overcome his love of money.  The Bible tells us that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 6:10).  The painting depicts various elements in Judas via colour.  The red is his underlying greed, the blues are some goodness and nobility that came from spending time with Jesus under His teaching, but the blues eventually merge into black, (Hebraically) and show his fall away into gross evil,  culminating in his suicide.  Of course, the dominant thing in the betrayal narrative is the price paid, 30 pieces of silver.  The religious authorities who set the price of betrayal were experts in the Law of Moses, and knew that this was the price to be set for the death (compensation) of a common slave, thus they showed their utter contempt for the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Original Size: 50 cm  x 60 cm Price £240