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‘And beginning with Moses and all the prophets He interpreted to them all the things concerning Himself in the Scriptures'.

Luke 24 verse 27.

Following art tuition, we have developed our own style of abstract art.  Our hearts desire is to glorify God.  We feel that God has given us an avenue to open up the Bible Scriptures to people.  2427 is from the Gospel of Luke, where we find Jesus opening up the Scriptures and giving the interpretation and meaning of the Scriptures to His disciples.  Art is a wonderful way to express Jesus and His kingdom.  Our art is fun, full of revelation and truth.  It is full of light, awe and mystery, creative and colourful.  We hope you enjoy art2427 and are inspired by it and purchase an original art work for your own pleasure and enjoyment, or for a gift, our prices are very reasonable!  We only take payments via PayPal.

If you would like to purchase an original painting, please contact us at,  art2427sales@gmail.com.

Andrei & Jane